Pátio da Galé and Sala do Risco

These two premium venues, where once were situated the Royal Palace and the India House, are located at the western side of Comércio Square and are mainly characterized by its unique architecture and history, which walk side by side with Lisbon and Portugal past. These venues emphasize the attractiveness of Lisbon as a premium touristic site, revealing themselves as the perfect venues to live and share the city. Their trendy concept is given by the important events that they host every year, as the Lisbon Fashion Week, or the Lisbon Fish Festival.



Lisbon is the perfect place for hosting premium national and international events, as it has amazing Venues, which benefit from a perfect historical environment, in the heart of the city. The Venues, with no comparison in Portugal, benefit from their location in Comércio Square, the greatest enlightenment reference amongst the squares built in Europe during the 18th century.


The square, known as Terreiro do Paço (The Palace Square) throughout the centuries, is the vivid testimonial of great historical  and glorifying facts. This environment  offers a beauty and historical importance to the square only perceptible when fully experienced.